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List of Book Titles by Wayne Marinovich

THE KYLE GIBBS SERIES (a Climate Fiction Series)

"Gibbs - the early years - Action thriller - Marinovich Books"   "CELT - The journey of Kyle Gibbs - Wayne Marinovich books"   "Phoenix - the journey of Kyle Gibbs - Marinovich Books"   "Kharon - The Kyle Gibbs series - Marinovich book"   "The Journey of Kyle Gibbs"

An action fiction thriller series charting the journey of Kyle Gibbs through a dystopian Climate changed world.

Starting with a short story titled, Gibbs: The Early Years, where he faces the dilemma of either running away from the home he loves to forge a new life, aged just 14, or face the bloody beatings from his abusive father.

In Celt, we meet Kyle Gibbs and learn of his continued disillusionment at serving with the SAS for a crumbling Ministry of Defence. World governments are under threat from a sinister group of billionaires who have emerged to take control of the planet’s remaining resources. Circumstances force Gibbs to make a choice between going on the run, or joining the growing organisation. A choice that could lead to disaster for him and his team.

In Phoenix, we join Gibbs on his journey after a major climate change event has caused a devastating three-meter sea-level rise. The Phoenix Council are now governing the world with the help of ruthless Warlords who control all the megacities. It is 2028, and the last European nuclear power plants are resisting assimilation into the Council. They are given an ultimatum to join or feel the force of the newly created Phoenix Guard. Will the French locals conform to the Council rules or join the new resistance that has been growing in strength, led by the mysterious Vargen?

I Kharon, catch up with Gibbs and his family who are living in the tranquil county of Surrey. A sinister evil comes calling, shaking their existence to the core. Gibbs must chase an enemy from Europe to a flooded America, all the while in the shadow of a mysterious disease that is stalking the weak and poor in Europe.


THE HUDSON DRAKE SERIES (a Conservation Thriller series)

"Igazi - Taiji Dolphin slaughter - Marinovich Books"

"Orang - Marinovich Books"








In, IGAZI, we get the first glimpse of my latest character, Hudson Drake. The novella sees him travelling through Japan and ending up in Taiji. The home of the dreaded dolphin killing cove. The plan is to write a few more conservation orientated novellas, before finishing off with a standalone novel. All will be action or eco-thrillers, set against various wildlife and conservation themes.

50% of all revenues from the sale of this book will be donated to the Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project.


ORANG is the second novella in the Hudson Drake Series and is set in Borneo. It highlights the issues of Palm Oil, deforestation and the plight of the wildlife in the region. Proceeds from the sale of this novella will be donated to help to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh, Sumatra, the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants co-exist.

5o% of all revenues from the sale of this novella will be donated to the Wildlife Asia



"Floodlanders - A climate change short story - Wayne Marinovich books

It’s the year 2025. A teenage boy accompanies his father into the Central London Floodzone for the first time. Warren Smith is excited about travelling into this dangerous, unfamiliar world to sell their farm products at a market stall.

Following a Climate Change event which resulted in a three-metre sea-level rise, life in the various Floodzones of the planet is tough and uncompromising, but it has given rise to a hardened breed of humans, known as Floodlanders.

As the brutal tidal surge floods back in, tragedy strikes, and changes their lives forever.




Are you harbouring a desire to finally write that bucket-list novel? Do you already have a published paperback that you want to convert to an eBook and sell online?

My Writing Process is a 26-page booklet (PDF format) which takes you through my process of self-publishing an eBook. From the idea or concept of your novel through to the actual publishing of the finished product (there is also a small section on doing a print run if you chose to do that).

This book will not be for general sale and will be FREE to those who subscribe to my newsletter.

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"WildWrt - a Lower Perspective. Marinovich Wildlife Photography


My first photographic eBook titled WildArt – A Lower Perspective. It has been an ongoing project over the past few years and showcases various species of animals and birds that I have photographed during my travels, all placed on the lower third of the photo.







Click on an image to link you to a short tale that I have written – Only available on this website.


"Deer rut short story - Wayne Marinovich

The Clash of Antlers










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