Which book continues to inspire as you go through life?

Books that inspire

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These yellow pages have been motivating me for over 20 years


It could be a single book that helps you plan and achieve your goals. Maybe there are several works from a single motivational author that you follow. Which books inspire you?

Way back in 1991, during a period of self-inflicted chaos, a man by the name of Norman Friedmann handed me a copy of David J. Schwartz – The Magic of Thinking Big. I have to admit that I was sceptical at first. It turned out to be the timely and long overdue literary kick in the pants I needed.

It’s a book that I’ve re-read many times since then, taking something different away each read. Usually, It’s specific guidance that I need at that point in time.

Magic of thinking big

It’s a book about belief. A book about the mind. A book that teaches you how to think big in today’s chaotic world. It pulled me out of a comfort zone that was cosy and safe. A place where all growth and creativity had stagnated. For a plant to keep growing you have to keep adding nutrients to the soil and to grow as a person, you have to keep adding to and challenging your life choices. The Magic of Thinking Big does that for me every time I go through it.

A more recent book that influences my path to leave the haven of IT consulting in pursuit of a more creative lifestyle is Steven Pressfield – The War of Art. It’s a must read for any creative soul (artist, photographer, writer) who is looking for a career change. I still read it at least twice a year

Which books have had a major influence on your life?

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