Blogging. What’s the drivers for the blog


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Everyone is into blogging nowadays, so after posting a few recent topics on the blog, I sat down to review why I’ll be doing it and why I encourage you to subscribe to it.

Here are a few of the key

points that I hope to achieve over the coming months and years. And no, I will not call it a mission statement…Jerry Maguire has left the bloody building.

  • To have a hub or central platform for all my written work to be shown in one place
  • To interact with you, fellow readers, friends, family member and all the other folks out there who inspire me to tell stories.
  • I intend to launch all the books from this space, and that includes new cover launches, book releases and free chapter giveaways
  • Inspire other writers who are starting out on their similar writing journey. Whether they want to publish just a just single book or want to pursue a career in writing.
  • Inspire those who have not contemplated putting pen to paper or hands to keyboards, to have the belief to try.


The key thing is all about communication and interaction, and I welcome comments and suggestions on any posts or pages on the blog. I will try to reply in person to every comment

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