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"The Kyle Gibbs Series - Wayne Marinovich Books"

“Jason Bourne meets Mad Max”

The series of dark action adventure novels follows ex-SAS team leader, Kyle Gibbs, as he faces the enormous challenge of living in a Climate-Changed world. As the planet transforms, due to a catastrophic three-metre rise in sea-level, governments and secret organisations position themselves to ruthlessly gain control of what is left of our civilisation.

With only a few allies left, Gibbs strives to exist as the everyday lives of his family & friends, cross over into a dystopian nightmare. Living in a world of Floodlanders and Scavengers, their future is uncertain, forcing them to fight a sinister group, led by a man hell-bent on controlling the world’s last resources. In this new world, there are no rules and Gibbs must do what he can to protect his loved ones and secure a new future for the planet.


"Celt - Wayne Marinovich Books"



In Celt, we meet Kyle Gibbs and learn of his continued disillusionment at serving with the SAS for a crumbling UK Ministry of Defence. World governments are under threat from a sinister group of billionaires who’ve emerged to take control of the planet’s remaining resources. Circumstances force Gibbs to choose between going on the run or joining this growing organisation. A choice that could lead to disaster for him and his team. GET CELT FOR FREE





"Phoenix - Book 2 in the Kyle Gibbs Series - Wayne Marinovich"



In Phoenix, we join Gibbs on his journey after a major climate change event has caused a devastating three-meter sea-level rise. The post-apocalyptic Phoenix Council are now governing the world with the help of ruthless Warlords who run all the megacities. It is 2028, and the last European nuclear power plants are resisting assimilation into the Council. They’re given an ultimatum to join or feel the force of the newly created Phoenix Guard. Will the French locals conform to the Council rules? Or, will they join the new growing resistance, led by the mysterious Vargen?




"Kharon - Book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs Series - Wayne Marinovich Books"



In Kharon, it’s 2033, and we catch up with Gibbs and his family who are living in the tranquil countryside of Surrey, England. A sinister evil comes calling, shaking their existence to the core. The poor and weak of the New Europe are dying from a mysterious disease that appears to be a man-made contagion. Gibbs must chase an enemy all the way to a flooded America to stop further destruction of the human race.





"Anhur - Book 4 in the Kyle Gibbs Series"


In Anhur, we catch up with Gibbs in 2043 as he and his friends travel across the wastelands of North America. The legacy of the Kharon virus, which decimated half the planet’s population, is evident in the dystopian landscape that faces all those who struggle to survive. Brutal gangs fight with New American Government forces for supremacy, placing everyone at risk.

Rumours of a mythical man who has taken the fight to the gang lords and corrupt government officials, spread through the post-apocalyptic world. This vigilante, known only as the Hooded Man, has saved thousands from brutality suffered at the hands of the gangs.





"Janus - The Kyle Gibbs Series"



It’s 2044. In Janus, we catch up with Gibbs still stuck in dystopian America. Conflict and corruption at the highest level in the New American Government are made worse by a returning threat. A man long presumed dead. Kyle Gibbs finds himself indebted to a ruthless gang leader who rules old Nashville. He must fight to extricate himself to make the journey to discover what happened to his family.





Short Story

"Gibbs: The Early Years - Wayne Marinovich Books"



Starting with a short story titled, Gibbs: The Early Years, we join up with Kyle Gibbs who is fourteen years old. He faces the dilemma of either running away from the hometown that he loves or face more bloody beatings from his abusive father. This is a standalone story about alcohol abuse and what it does to families. It is in these harsh conditions that we start to see how the young Gibbs’s character is forged and tempered.





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