Change to the way you view my entire book catalogue

When I set up the Marinovich Books website and blog back in July 2013, I used a simple, and what I thought at the time, was an intuitive menu-method of navigating your way to my book pages. I think that it worked well for the first 2-3 novels and short stories. You clicked on the BOOKS menu option and the menu expanded to show you a few options. I believe that this is no longer fit for purpose and cumbersome because you end up having to make too many clicks to get to the books.


"Old menu navigation for Marinovich Books"


I will continue to write and produce new pieces of work and so have created a full webpage which will list my entire body of work. I also have 2 series that are both in progress and I think it is easier to show an entire series on a page, rather than individual menu options.

Below is quick screen grab of the new catalogue page. CLICK HERE to view it.

As always, I am keen to hear your feedback on the new feature.


"Marinovich Books Menu options"

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