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Wildlife all over the world is in danger, and corporate greed is to blame. Every day, wild spaces disappear as big business drives to expand and keep profits pouring in. For decades, environmentalists have campaigned peacefully but failed to make the human race aware, that they are accountable for the damage inflicted on the natural world.

Through the series of novellas, lead character Hudson Drake grows from conservationist to renowned activist. He travels the globe rescuing animals in need, striving to make corporations pay for the damage they have done to our environment. His campaigns eventually attract the attention of Interpol, who assemble a specialist task force to investigate his organisation and its operations. But, as the series develops, it seems the real threat to Drake’s quest, could originate from the corporate giants themselves, leading him into increasingly dangerous territory.


The Novellas

"Igazi - Taiji Dolphin slaughter - Marinovich Books"



In, IGAZI we get the first glimpse of my latest character, Hudson Drake. The novella sees him travelling through Japan and ending up in Taiji. The home of the dreaded dolphin killing cove. The plan is to write a few more conservation orientated novellas, before finishing off with a standalone novel. All will be action or eco-thrillers, set against various wildlife and conservation themes. To help out please donate to the Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project.





"Orang - Wayne Marinovich Books"



ORANG is the second novella in the Hudson Drake Series and is set in Borneo. It highlights the issues of Palm Oil, deforestation and the plight of the wildlife in the region. Proceeds from the sale of this novella will be donated to help to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh, Sumatra, the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants co-exist. To help out please donate to  Wildlife Asia





"Tiger - Wayne Marinovich Books"



TIGER is the third novella in the Hudson Drake Series and takes Place in India. It highlights the insidious wildlife trade that is happening all around the world. Using the Tiger as a metaphor, the apathy and corruption amongst officials who claim to have the conservation in their hearts needs to be tackled every day. To help out please donate to  WildAid







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