TIGER – Book 3 in the Hudson Drake series

TIGER – Book 3 in the Hudson Drake series

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“Human habits won’t change unless we force them to”


The bleached tiger skull in Hudson Drake’s hands feels heavier than he remembered. Despair at global government inactivity fuels his drive to save more species from extinction. He and his team lie in wait in the dark alleyways of the Indian capital, a few miles from conservation’s largest global conference – CITES. Corrupt officials will be made to pay for their apathy at the plight of the planet. To do this, the Drake team will have to execute their most daring plan yet, to save more species while staying out of prison.

In the sweltering heat of India’s capital, Joe Dixon stalks the man who has managed to avoid being caught for two years. As the lead investigator of Interpol’s Wildlife Task Force, he is struggling to tie his suspect to PADOS, a group of violent eco-terrorists. Will he finally discover the evidence he needs on the busy streets of Delhi?

With his target evading capture across three continents, could his Interpol Task Force have a leak? And if so, how far up does it go?


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