Top writing pages that you need to follow

"writing pages to follow"


Writing pages, you need to follow

Are you serious about improving your Writing and Publishing skills? Then you need to follow the writing pages of people who have succeeded at it.

Writing, of any kind, is a lifelong apprenticeship. Whether you write novels, articles for newspapers, agony aunt columns or special interest blogs, you will refine your craft the longer you practice it.

The hunger to make progress is a natural instinct of the human ape and finding people who are better than you (or more experienced) is a key step to being good at anything you endeavour to do.

Find writers and bloggers who are successful in their area then study what they do. I understand that you just want to write, secure in your creative cocoon so you can produce one piece of work after another, but that’s not the whole of your journey. If you want to get your work out there, you have to learn from people who are already doing it and are already successful at it. Writing is one of the required skills you need. Marketing and publishing are two others you will need to develop.


Emails and emailing will still be one of the most important tools of communication that you use even with the tsunami of social media that has enveloped us.

We still like getting email and will open almost every email we get. Have a think about it. Do you read every Tweet or Facebook post that flashes by? If you’re like me, you cannot because these things move too quickly in our streams, with one or two social media sites even deciding which posts you get to see.

Emails are a different story. They don’t go anywhere until you make a choice about them, and that is the same for your spam folder.

Writers need to read, and you need to follow other fiction and non-fiction writers. Below is a list of some of the people that I subscribe too, and from whom I get emails to my inbox each day, week or month. They are people who are at the top of their game and who inspire me to be a better writer, blogger and publisher. People who help keep me focused on the job at hand – producing better drafts each time which means a great reader experience in the end

The Writers Blogs

Steven Pressfield

Tim Grahl

Jeff Goin

Joann Penn

David Gaughan

KM Weiland

Michael Hyatt


Jane Friedman

Jeff Bullas

Michael Hyatt

The Write Life

The Book Designer


"Book Catalogue - Wayne Marinovich"

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