IGAZI – Book 1 in the Hudson Drake series

Igazi – Book 1 in the Hudson Drake series

"Igazi - Taiji Dolphin slaughter - Marinovich Books"

“Sometimes you have to shed blood to stop the bloodshed”

Igazi is the first novella in the Hudson Drake thriller series. Set in Taiji, Japan, it highlights the slaughter of dolphins in the infamous Killing Cove. Join Drake as he journeys into the world of wildlife trafficking, environmental criminals and corrupt officials.

Should he heed the stranger’s warning, and stay away from the exotic beauty he had just shared a drink with?

Hudson Drake peeled the label from his beer bottle as he sat in the small bar in the town of Taiji. An image of her perfect smile flooded his thoughts. His track record with women wasn’t great but he found her desire to put a stop to the killing of dolphins, captivating.

In this eco-thriller, Hudson and his friends travel to Japan to peacefully protest against the annual dolphin slaughter in the infamous killing cove. A barbaric fishing practice that has been going on right under the noses of the world’s media, and together, they mean to expose it. There, he meets the mysterious, beautiful Eleena. His world is turned upside down as she tries to lure him down a path from which there would be no return.


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"Five star"

“You need to read this book. This book might be fiction, but where the story takes place, and the dolphin slaughter is true. IGAZI means pain, and that is what I felt. There is a part of the book that I could just not hold the tears back any longer. The book opened up my eyes to something that has been well hidden. Wayne Marinovich has written an incredible book. Besides bringing forth this monstrosity into the public eye, it contains excellent characters. Wayne does a great job of keeping you on your toes. It is so full of intrigue; you will never guess what is going to happen next during the story. This book should be read by everyone. It such is an intense story and well worth your time. Thank you, Wayne Marinovich, for allowing me to read IGAZI and give an honest review.”



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