The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. What can you do to help stop it?

The duration of this season’s hunt –  1 September 2016 – April 2017

"The Cove Movie - Taiji slaughter"

Photo credits: The Cove Movie

Topics below:

  • Don’t support SeaWorld, Marine Shows, dolphinariums or oceanariums
  • Follow the people who are actually on the ground in Taiji
  • Share the event on all your streams
  • Sign any petitions that you can find
  • Donate to the Ric oBarry dolphin Projects
  • Buy a copy of the The Cove
  • Protest at your local embassy
  • Buy a copy of IGAZI



"Taiji Dolphin slaughter 20156 /2017 - Marinovich Books""


Don’t support SeaWorld, Marine shows, dolphinariums or oceanariums

Almost all the dolphins and porpoises you see doing tricks in these cruel institutions come from Taiji, (directly or indirectly – some were bred in captivity from dolphins that heralded from Taiji). By not supporting these shows, and not buying the merchandising they offer, you can help shut the businesses down, and thus stop the demand from Japan.

For every 1 dolphin that makes it into one of these shows, an average of 17 are slaughtered during the hunt drive.


Follow the people who are actually on the ground in Taiji

Type in “Taiji dolphin slaughter” into the search area of whatever Social Media app you use, and you will see a myriad of people and organisations who campaign against Taiji, and the slaughter of cetaceans around the planet.

My advice is to follow pages and people who actively monitor and protest at the hunt. They will be your primary source of new and first-hand information, especially if they are on the ground in Taiji.

Here are some.

Facebook:  Ric o Barry Dolphin Project  Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians London Against the Dolphin Massacre  

Twitter:  @JTweet4taiji @BoycottJapan_  @Bluecovedays @CoveBlack  @ShutTaijiDown @FinsandFluke @CoveGuardians @Dolphin_Project @MinaANDMaya @RichardOBarry


Share the events on all your streams

Now that you follow the activists, join the team, and share, share, share.

So many people around the world don’t even know about the annual slaughter, just like many other wildlife atrocities being committed in the name of “Tradition”. By sharing the hunt, and posts about The Cove on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media site, you will be part of the mechanism to continue educating people. This will help the swell of anger at the continued practice of slaughtering dolphins, thereby keeping the pressure on the authorities.


Sign any petitions that you can find

Petitions might seem like a bit of a drag to complete, but they do make a difference. It’s social pressure that seems to make politicians and lawmakers react, and every voice carries weight.

Some of you might be worried about leaving your details on the web page, and while there are no 100% guarantees in life, most of the sites hosting these petitions are safe. If you are still not convinced that you won’t be spammed, create a separate Gmail, or Hotmail account for these types of things.

Letter to Japan’s President Abe 

Petition to end the Taiji Dolphin slaughter


Donate to the Ric oBarry Dolphin Project

Pretty obvious here. Ric has been the spearhead in the campaign to stop the annual slaughter of cetaceans, not only in Japan but anywhere where people harm dolphins. Have a look at his website, watch The Cove and donate what you can. He and his team will keep going back to Taiji each until the practice has been stopped. They have made that pledge; you can help by supporting them.

Dolphin Project Website or DONATE HERE

"Ric O'Barry dolphin Project"


Buy a copy of the “The Cove.”

Support the folks who produced this award winning documentary. Firstly, it is a great piece of work that any conservation minded person should have in their collection and secondly, continued support will allow them to keep risking their safety and freedom, to make us all aware of the issues out there.



Join Ric o’Barry and his team in Japan

If you are prepared to get to Japan, why not join Ric and his team in Taiji. They are the only team that has been there every year since 2003. Volunteer if you can.

Become a Cove Guardian. 


Protest at your local embassy

On the 1st September is a Global dolphin protest day. If you have the time, go along and join a protest. This is not handcuffing yourself to the gate of the embassy; it’s about making them aware that their silence and inactivity is not acceptable in the modern age we live in.

Click here to find your local protest


Buy a copy of IGAZI

I am busy writing a conservation series focussing on a young eco-warrior and I decided to start off with Taiji as the topic moved me so much.

50% of all the revenues will be donated to the Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project. Click here to buy"Igazi - Taiji Dolphin slaughter - Marinovich Books"






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