Notes from my laptop #8

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The first day of spring has sprung, and of course here in the UK, a cold front has just moved in to remind us not to get too cocky with seasonal predictions.


Since we last chatted

  • Most of my time has been spent getting IGAZI ready for publication. This novella is the first eco-thriller in the new Hudson Drake series. It is set against the Dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, where Hudson meets the mysterious campaigner, Eleena Garcia who wants him to join her team in stopping the slaughter. When a bald stranger warns him off her, Hudson has a difficult choice to make.
  • Igazi will be released on the 23rd March, but you can get it on pre-order now. Details on the book page – Click here
  • 50% of revenues made from the sale of IGAZI, will be donated to the Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project. The man is an absolute legend (have a look at the movie – The Cove) and he continues to campaign against a practice which is purely motivated by greed.
  • Kharon, book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series has been put up on bricks for a while until I can get the Hudson Drake series up and running.


Current writing projects

  • Kharon, book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series. – 3rd rework – on hold.
  • Igazi – Available on pre-order or get it for free, if you are a subscriber.
  • My Writing Process – A digital guide to self-publishing an ebook – nearing completion and will be available to any subscribers who are interested in publishing their own work.
  • Planning another novella for Hudson Drake (Sept 2015) before he gets his own standalone novel (late 2016).


 Published works and pricing

Gibbs – The early years: FREE on all online stores, except Amazon (I’m not allowed to offer things for free on Amazon, unless, I offer them exclusivity!!).

Celt- Published at  $2.99

Phoenix – published at $2.99

Floodlanders – Published at $0.99

Igazi – On pre-order at the moment. Priced at $2.99




"List of books so far -  Wayne Marinovich


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