CELT – A Kyle Gibbs Action Adventure

 CELT – Book 1 in the Kyle Gibbs series


"CELT - Book 1 - Wayne Marinovich books"


“The race for the last of the planet’s resources has begun”

Lord Francis Butler ruthlessly leads a group of billionaire businessmen in their quest to control the last of the planet’s resources. Driven on by the discovery of a methane release that could alter the world’s sea-level, with catastrophic consequences, they will stop at nothing to secure their wealth and fortunes. Will their actions help the world to preserve the remaining resources, or are their motives more sinister?

Sergeant Kyle Gibbs is a disgruntled Scotsman who is looking for a change in his life. After serving as an SAS team leader for a now disintegrating British Government, he jumps at the opportunity to become a mercenary for this secret Billionaires Club.

After a failed incursion into an oil-rich country, Gibbs, and his team are left at the mercy of the African continent. They have to scramble to get back to England and find out which one of their paymasters set them up to fail.

With the initial signs of climate change affecting London, they race through the poverty-stricken city streets, trying to expose the traitor.



"Five star"

“The world will lose. This story is set in a dystopian world where global dysfunction was brought about by weak governments and brutes who happen to be billionaires along with climate change. In short, the author took everything that can cause chaos and included it. It makes for great reading, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to read about the exploits of the British SAS and dystopian fiction.”


First two chapters of CELT available to read here


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