Notes from my laptop #3

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It has been a pretty hectic time at Marinovich Books over the last two months. Winter has finally said goodbye to the north and is heading to visit friends and family in the southern hemisphere. The poor old laptop, in the meantime, has been getting a right royal bashing.

So, below are a few of the key highlights to prove that I am not just sitting around with a cap and pipe, sipping dark ale, is some dingy old pub.



Here are a few of the highlights

  • Finished my first short story, Gibbs – the Early Years, which is a prequel to CELT. It is a quick and easy way for prospective newbies to preview my work, and see if they like my writing.
  • Completed 2 giveaways of free signed copies of Celt. 5 winners were selected from my subscribers list, and a further 10 were given away on Goodreads. (Look out for more free giveaways soon)
  • Received the manuscript of Phoenix (book 2 in the Kyle Gibbs Series) back from the editor, and am pleased with the comments and changes, which have been effected. Still on track for a July 2014 release.
  • Have gathered a short list of beta-readers for Phoenix
  • Published my second short story, Floodlanders, but more on that soon.
  • Sampling some fine ciders in and around south London drinking establishments
  • As the photo above indicates, I have just completed the rough stepsheet for Book 3 (more on this at a little later).
  • Went to see the Editors, live at The Roundhouse in Camden – bloody fantastic.
  • Scribbling continues on a children’s short story series about…..(now that would be telling)

Travel safe, write well and good reading




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