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Gibbs – the Early Years, is a story chronicling the early years of Kyle Gibbs before he enlists in the army. After countless beatings at the hands of his alcoholic father, the young teenager has a decision to make. Suck up the abuse and deal with the challenges life was forcing him to endure, or run away with his best friend to forge a new life.

Could the 14-year-old continue to cope with the ongoing violence, or would he simply become a casualty of it in the end? Would he fulfil his dream of getting away from the small fishing village of Stonehaven, Scotland, to finally have a normal life?

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“This novella did its job. It made me want to read the rest of the series, and I am already on the third book. Excellent job showing how Gibbs evolved in his early years. Short but a good read. Highly recommended before reading the rest of the series.”


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Gibbs – The Early Years is a prequel to the Kyle Gibbs Series available on all online stores


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