Notes from my laptop #1

"red squirrel - marinovich wildlife Photography

Time for a little break from the writing.

Well first of all, a huge thanks to all those who helped me get CELT to market. Yes, I had to do all the writing and re-writing, but many of you were involved in a few key decisions, like cover, proofreading and beta reading, so again, thank you. I am always keen for fresh sets of eyes, so if any of you are keen to get involved in the next one, please pop me a comment on this blog or Subscribe and let me know.

So. Its time for a one week break from all the writing, publishing, selling, and time to head into the Cairngorms of Scotland, to try and photograph some its winter wildlife.

The Kyle Gibbs trilogy: Status

CELT – Book 1. Went up onto Amazon last week, and is on Smashwords and Barnes&Noble. Should be on Apple and other major online book stores, during next week. Sadly, I have no control over when.

PHOENIX – Book 2. Third manuscript reworked, and after a quick re-read, it goes off to my editor. (still scheduled for June / July)

Book 3. Scrapped the old step sheet that I originally did, back in 2011. Hope to start writing in April.

Thanks for all your support and please keep the reviews coming .




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