Notes from my laptop #2

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Hello all.

I just got back from a cold grey week in Scotland, where I was trying to photograph a variety of smaller species of birds and mammals which call the Cairngorms home. On one of the days I had a great hike up into the snow to chase Mountain hare and I am busy editing the photos from that trip as we speak. Here is a quick preview of a Mountain hare in the snow


The Kyle Gibbs series

CELT – Book 1 – Published and available on all major online retailers. Looking for some reviewers over on Goodreads, in return for a free eBook. Click here

PHOENIX – Book 2 – The manuscript is currently at the Editor, being mauled and slapped around before it gets a final polish.

KHARON – Book 3 – Cover design done, step-sheet is set up, although I will probably redo it, as I think it is a bit tame at the moment.

Book 4 – yes, a firm idea took hold this week for a fourth one, although, I might give Kyle a break and chase  another conservation story I have brewing, before I continue to publish the Gibbs stories.


Short Story.

FLOODLANDERS – I am busy working on a short story at the moment, which I hope to publish in the next few weeks. It is also a prequel to the second Kyle Gibbs novel – Phoenix. It’s a story which sets the scene, for a post-apocalyptic sea level rise London in 2025.


Book Interview.

I was recently interviewed, by the ever so talented, and Author of The Electric, Mr Andrew Barker. You can see my answers to his questions on his blog: Click here to read it.



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