CELT is now free – Book 1 of the Kyle Gibbs Series

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CELT is now Free

CELT is now free, and as I’m busy writing the fourth and last novel in the Kyle Gibbs Series, I thought it would be great to give you a risk-free chance to start the series. It’s also the shortest of the novels in the series so shouldn’t take up much of your time.


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Climate Change

The Kyle Gibbs series is not about preaching about all the reasons or theories behind climate change / global warming. All the books are set against the backdrop of a major climate change event which causes a three-metre sea-level rise. While this is a distinct probability, it is not your typical Climate Fiction (Clifi) series but rather a dystopian or post-apocalyptic thriller.

The Journey of Kyle Gibbs

It’s all about the journey of the main character, Gibbs, and his friends and family as they journey through a changing world from 2015 to 2043. Filled with villains and a high body count (not quite in the same ilk as the John Wick series) I’ve focused on the relationships he has along the way, and how they adapt to the changes they encounter.


"CELT is free - The Kyle Gibbs Series so far - Wayne Marinovich"



Subscribers to the newsletter will already know that the final book is titled Anhur (one of the names for the Egyptian God of War) and is set in the dystopian world that is a result of Kharon (book 3). At the moment, I have two possible endings for Gibbs, but I’ll leave that decision for a later rework. If you want to get all the news in advance, Please Click Here to subscribe to the newsletter.

Why I wrote the series

Back in 2007, I started thinking about writing a non-fiction book covering the possible effects of Climate Change. I wanted to particularly focus on the effect that man was having on the planet. Over time, the pile of research documents grew larger, and I couldn’t keep up with all the reading. I began to understand why the topic is so contentious across scientific and political circles.

I quickly realised that political will is too weak across the world, and I believe that will always remain so. No politician or political party could make the necessary legislative changes and remain in power. Only a large global catastrophe would make the world’s government’s act in unison and do what was required.  Read the article here…


*Note: Only the ebook of CELT is free.


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