Amazon Kindle bundle for the Kyle Gibbs series

Amazon Bundle

Despite all the issues that indie authors are having with Amazon (scammers, click farms and fake books by David Gaughran), I did notice a small change to my book catalogue. Checking on my Author Profile, I noticed that they’ve done me a small favour.

They have kindly bundled the entire Kyle Gibbs Series together for me. This means that you can get the first four books in a single place.

"Kyle Gibbs series"


Very nice of them

At the time of writing, Amazon holds over sixty per cent of the eBook market. This is huge and must surely mean there is more money for everyone. Sadly not as it means more authors fighting for the same readers.

While it is getting tougher out there to make a living, bundling series together proves they do help us sometimes. You still have to keep producing work, but this shows and they favour series.

As things stand, I’m currently busy with the final book the Kyle Gibbs Series. If you want to be included in all the release date news and get a free sign-on gift, subscribe below.



Book sites that offer the bundle:

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