Notes from my laptop #7

Back to Africa - Marinovich Wildlife Photo

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And so, 2014 is just about wrapped up. The only thing left to do this year is a month-long trip back to Africa. South Africa to be precise. We’ll be retreating from Europe for large quantities of family time, sun and sunscreen, beach and pool chlorine, meat on the braai, car-guards in the car parks, crazy African politics. And beer.

It is the first day of Winter here in the UK and a balmy 10 degrees which is a little weird. Long gone are the years where we would have had a little snow flurry by now. Wishing you all a great festive period and grand New Year.


Since we last chatted

  •  Major part of my time has gone into getting, Kharon – Book 3,  ready for publishing sometime in April or May 2015. It is currently on a third rework before I send it off to my editor. The cover has been completed and I am really excited to reveal it to the subscribers to my newsletter in the next few weeks.
  • Sold most of my old camera equipment as I hope to change my photography focus a little in 2015. No extended wildlife trips are planned which is the first time since 2004 when I switched to digital. It will no doubt feel a little weird, but to improve and grow, you must give up the things you are most comfortable doing to effect change. My passion will always be for the wildlife rather than the photography aspect of it, so writing about wildlife and our planet will now take up most of my time for the foreseeable future
  • Had a small “name the character” competition though my newsletter and excited to introduce Melanie Gee’s winning contribution. Hudson Drake now has got his own CV on my laptop as I explore his character.
  • Hudson makes his debut in a short novella in the new year, set against the needless dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.
  • The “Introducing the… Author and Photographer” series has gone down a treat with everyone over on Google plus. Let me know if any of you use G+


Current writing projects

  • Kharon, book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series. – 3rd rework
  • Novella, set against the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, to kick start my new character – Hudson Drake (currently with the Editors)
  • Working on a small PDF about how I get my eBooks to market – From Concept to Publishing.
  • Planning another Novella with Hudson Drake (July 2015) before he gets his own standalone novel. (2016)


Published works and pricing

Gibbs – The early years: FREE on all online stores, except Amazon (I’m not allowed to offer things for free on Amazon, unless, I offer them exclusivity!!).
Celt- Published at  $2.99
Floodlanders – Published at $0.99
Phoenix – published at $2.99


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Wayne Marinovich Wildlife Photography

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