My Top 10 Fiction reads of 2014

Books I read in 2014 - Marinovich BooksAs I wind down for the year, I looked back over all the colourful book covers I have on my trusty Kindle Fire, and have realised that it wasn’t a bad year of reading at all.

There are a few novels which I have left off this list as they were, sadly, not novels that I would recommend to others. Also left off, are 10 non-fiction works that I ploughed through in the quest for a little self-development.

Of the 31 novels listed, I have highlighted my Top 10 suggestions with the hope to introduce you to new authors you might not have read before. They cover the genre’s of Action, Thrillers, Fantasy, Steampunk, Cli-Fi, Crime, and Mystery and a little espionage.

It was incredibly tough to come up with a favourite, but in the end, I chose on JL Morin’s, Nature’s Confession. It’s a zany, fantastical read and a product of a clearly whimsical mind. This book, however, covers some serious and important topics that are affecting the planet we live on, so very relevant. It reminded me a little of Star Trek, infused with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and a little Dr Who thrown in the wonderful mix.

For the month of December, I intend to relax by the pool, or on the beach, and work on a new series of novellas and novels.

So, what was your favourite novel for 2014?


  1. The Desert Spear (Demon cycle 2) – Peter V Brett
  2. The Shadow Projects (Ben hope) – Scott Mariani
  3. The Daylight War (Demon cycle 3) – Peter V Brett
  4. I am number four – Pittacus Lore
  5. The bang-bang Club – Greg Marinovich
  6. For Nothing (An upstate NewYork Maffia Take 1) – Nicholas Denmon
  7. Night of the Assassin (assassin 0.5) – Russell Blake
  8. Killing floor (Jack Reacher 1) – Lee Child
  9. The conspiracy of Alchemists (The chronicle of light and shadow) – Liesel Schwarz
  10. The Hades Factor – Robert Ludlum
  11. Quinn Checks in (Liam Quinn mysteries) – LH Thomson.
  12. South Sea adventure – Willard Price
  13. Amazon Adventure – Willard Price
  14. Candleburn – Jack Hayes
  15. The double Eagle (Tom Kirk no 1) – James Twining
  16. The Strain (#1) – Guillermo Del Torro, Chuck Hogan.
  17. Saving Hitler (Maddox) – Jack Hayes
  18. The Returning – Russell Perry
  19. Lallapaloosa – Rags Daniels
  20. White Gold – Rachel Amphlett
  21. Blood Red Sea. – Jack Hayes
  22. No easy Mission – Jack Hayes
  23. Murdering Point – Russell Perry
  24. Black Hawk Down Rewind – Dominick Fencer and Baibin Nighthawk
  25. In Ark, Promise of Survival – Lisa Devaney
  26. A Clockwork Heart – Liesel Schwarz
  27. Galveston – Nic Pizzolatto
  28. Doppelganger – Geoffrey David West
  29. Nature’s confession – JL Morin
  30. The Tenth Chamber – Glenn Cooper
  31. Dead man rising – Jack Hayes


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