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"Kyle Gibbs Box Set - Wayne Marinovich"

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Date: 2nd October 2017

Launch price: $2.99   Now on sale for $5.99

The journey of Kyle Gibbs is slowly coming to a close as I write the final book titled, Anhur. As I write and edit this final book in the saga, I wanted to give people who’ve not met Gibbs yet, a chance to buy the full series so far. This digital version includes three of the action thriller novels published so far.

Set in a climate-changed world, it takes you on a journey from 2014 to the flooded world of 2033.

The books included in the box set.

In Celt, we meet Kyle Gibbs. We learn of his continued disillusionment at serving with the SAS for a crumbling Ministry of Defence. World governments are under threat from a sinister group of billionaires who have emerged to take control of the planet’s remaining resources. Circumstances force Gibbs to make a choice between going on the run or joining the growing organisation. A choice that could lead to disaster for him and his team.

In Phoenix, we join Gibbs on his journey after a major climate change event has caused a devastating three-meter sea-level rise. The Phoenix Council are now governing the world with the help of ruthless Warlords who control all the megacities. It is 2028, and the last European nuclear power plants are resisting assimilation into the Council. They are given an ultimatum to join or feel the force of the newly created Phoenix Guard. Will the French locals conform to the Council rules or join the new resistance that has been growing in strength, led by the mysterious Vargen?

In Kharon, a contagion that seemingly has no cure threatens the people of the planet. It is 2033. Megacities are still controlled by Warlords on behalf of the clandestine new governments of Europe, Asia and America. Kyle Gibbs is blissfully settled into commune life in the leafy English countryside, unaware that his past is about to catch up with him. Personal tragedy forces Gibbs out of retirement, as once again he is tasked with stopping a man hell-bent on crippling the world’s governments.

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