KHARON – A Kyle Gibbs Action Adventure

KHARON – Book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series.


A master of the environmental thriller” – Jack Hayes

"Kharon - The Kyle Gibbs series - Wayne Marinovich books"The year is 2033. A ship docks in Scotland’s Glasgow Harbour. Men in hazmat suits stand guard as hundreds of figures dressed in rags trudge off the ship and are forced into trucks destined for the European continent.

The world is a vastly changed place following the three-metre sea level rise. Flooded megacities run by Warlords help the New Governments of America, Europe and Asia to keep control of the poverty-stricken masses. This dystopian existence is now vulnerable to a deadly contagion threatening every Floodlander living in the megacities. A virus that will kill millions and topple the fragile New Governments from power. Desperate leaders are forced to recruit someone who can hunt down the brains behind the sinister organisation, hell-bent on holding the world to ransom.

Ex-SAS soldier, Kyle Gibbs is living in a commune in the tranquil English countryside, oblivious to the fact that someone from his past is plotting to destroy his world. Personal tragedy forces Gibbs to come out of retirement, and he is tasked with capturing the man who intends to cripple the world’s governments.

Will Gibbs do as ordered or seek personal revenge?



"Five star"

“Kharon is a thrill ride to end all thrill rides. From start to finish, the action never stops. Peaceful moments never last more than a paragraph or two while warfare rages throughout. Warfare always results in many unfortunate deaths, and certainly, this author does not shy away from killing popular characters or anyone else for that matter. I will continue to read the series and encourage any lover of fictional thrills to do the same.”


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