ANHUR – A Kyle Gibbs Action Adventure

ANHUR- Book 4 in the Kyle Gibbs series


"Anhur - The Kyle Gibbs series - Wayne Marinovich books"


It’s 2043.

The Kharon virus has decimated the American continent. A global epidemic has left the surviving population fighting off vicious gangs hell-bent on taking back control from the struggling New American Government.

Rumours of a mythical man who has taken the fight to the gang lords and corrupt government officials, spread through the post-apocalyptic world. This vigilante, known only as the Hooded Man, has saved thousands from brutality suffered at the hands of the gangs.

Ex-SAS soldier Kyle Gibbs and his small group of friends must traverse the dusty plains and abandoned towns of New America in search of something that has eluded them for years – a place to settle down and call home. On their trail is a ruthless bounty hunter, tasked by a sinister group of government officials to capture Gibbs so he can face trial for crimes he didn’t commit.

Can he ever shake off the violence of his past and eventually find peace?


"Five star"

“The Kyle Gibbs saga has proven to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. Anhur is able to prove that the 4th time is a charm. Action. Drama. Romance. Blood. Violence. Greed. Altruism. You’ll find it all in eco-disaster that humans find themselves in. A very telling tale of how greed and ruthlessness rush to fill the void left behind a series of disasters. Until a hooded man comes along to give hope to the downtrodden. Loved it!”


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