JANUS – A Kyle Gibbs Action Adventure

JANUS – Book 5 in the Kyle Gibbs series

"Janus - The Kyle Gibbs Series - Wayne Marinovich"


“Good men do bad things and bad men often do good.”

It’s 2044. Conflict and corruption at the highest level in the New American Government are made worse by a returning threat. A man long presumed dead.

Elijah Jones, a retired bounty hunter and now the Minister of Crime and Defence, is worried. Enemy spies litter the halls of power, and knives are being sharpened to guarantee he never leads the country. The net is closing in as rumours of the reappearance of an old quarry are rampant. Will this skeleton stay buried in the desert, or could this returning man align with those keen for him to fail?

Kyle Gibbs finds himself indebted to a ruthless gang leader who rules old Nashville. Waking up in a hospital bed two weeks before with no memory has left him at a disadvantage. Two strangers have given him shelter and told him that clues to his past were on a few old memory devices they couldn’t access. USB drives given to them by a dying Russian who claimed to know him better than anyone. A man who could have explained all the combat skills that have endeared him to the gang leader.

After a few brutal gang fights, his memory starts to return. Slivers of a life that don’t make any sense. Only the man who put him in the hospital bed can help decipher the memories. A man in the halls of power of the New American Government, who will not welcome him back. Will he find the clues to his military past and, more importantly, what happened to his family?


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