Chasing dreams – How I came to write.

Falling into a career

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Are you chasing dreams? Are you following your true calling? Maybe you’re following a path that the people around you have led you to believe, is your true calling. We all need to be aware of the unintended influence of the dreams and wishes of others.

So many people do feel a vocational drive towards a certain career, that gravitational pull what they should be doing.  Most of us, however, have probably just spent our lives wandering around the Job classified’s and then stumbling into work we call our vocation.

I have met so many adults on my travels who hate what they do. If they could, they’d follow a different career. I can empathise because I was one of them. I grew tired of the travel and routine of IT consulting, tired of not doing what I was supposed to be doing.


Gradual awakening

In my case, there was no eureka moment. No Saul of Tarsus style of conversion along my path. I knew I had to make a few changes, so I looked back to my early formative years and recalled the things that brought me the greatest joy. Things which came naturally to me without any effort or street. I simply decided to make a choice.

My school days were pretty normal. I disliked the routine and monotony of class but loved the friendships and sport that boarding school offered.  My biggest mission was finding a suitable excuse to convince the study masters of a need to do my homework in the vast school library. It was there that my world came alive. To quote Lord Samuel – “A library is thought in cold storage”.

As a kid, I read all the usual adventure books like the Hardy Boys, the Famous Five and the Willard Price adventure books, but if one book changed my life, it was Leviathan by John Gordon Davis. A story about whaling and the gentle giants of the sea. It fired up my love of wildlife and conservation but more importantly, it cemented my love of reading.

A New Career

Fast forward thirty years and the more I considered a new career, the more my love of reading and telling stories pushed me to set about writing works of my own. I have no idea where it will take me, what success and failure await. I just know that I currently feel like the day I left school…And that can only be a good thing.


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