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Umduzy Publishing welcomes you. As many of you may know, I have been working on an action thriller series of novels for the past few years.  It’s been a labour of the soul, and a fantastic personal journey. One, which I cannot wait to share with the world. CELT is nearing completion and if all goes to plan, should be released in late October of this year.

The trilogy will be self-published across all eBook formats and available through all major online book retailers

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Whats behind the name?

The first step is to announce the creation of Umduzu Publishing. This will be the mechanism through which I will publish the series and subsequent novels which are in the pipeline.

The choice of the name was simple for me because I wanted to tie it in with my other passion. Nature. Umduzu is the Zulu word for White Rhino. I chose it because of my love for these docile Jurassic giants which I have photographed extensively over the last thirty odd years. Currently, I’m working on a photographic book (titled, WildArt) which should see the light of day in the not too distant future, so watch this space.

I look forward to the journey with you.



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 "Umduzu Publishing - Home of Marinovich Books"


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