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With the meteoric rise of social media, smartphone messenger apps, mobile technology, and the speed at which posts disappear from view, it is easy to lose track of what is happening in your social community. While it is easier to communicate with one another than ever before, the sheer volume of information that streams down our social media timelines means that information is quickly missed. And that is why I love the email newsletter.

As an author, email is the best tool for me to communicate directly with my fans and readers. My newsletter gives people insight into what I’m working on, issues I’m passionate about and access to promotions I’m running. As a conservationist, writer and wildlife photographer the content of each newsletter will be varied & fresh.

So why should you subscribe to my newsletter?

Promotions and competitions

  • Signed book giveaways (single copies and boxsets)
  • Wildlife and landscape print giveaways (see some of my wildlife work here)

Sign up gifts

Once you sign up, you’ll be given access to a free download of My Writing Process  – a great tool for budding authors out there.

Book release updates

By signing up, you’ll never miss out on any of my new book releases.

New writing projects

Be the first to know of writing projects in the pipeline, including cover reveals. You can also get involved in naming characters and help me choose new covers. Exciting!

Book reviews and recommendations

Musicians listen to music and authors read many books. I do read a lot, so if you’d like some recommendations on what book to read next, sign up to the newsletter.

Beta-readers and ARC

Become a beta-reader or do reviews in return for Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) – a great way to get your hands on some of my books for free!

Travel and Photography

News and trip reports (including photography) from the countries that I have been to (40 and counting…). This includes the amazing encounters I’ve had with wildlife over the years as well as the fascinating people I’ve met on those travels.

New authors and photographers

The purpose of my “Introducing the…” series is to share other great photographers and talented authors with you. These are people I respect and follow myself.

Climate, conservation and environmental news

As a passionate wildlife conservationist, my mission is to raise awareness and share content about issues that befall our planet. I won’t sugarcoat these issues, so this is a frank look at the horrors human beings inflict on this rock we call home. If you’d like to make a difference yourself, I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Join me on this whirlwind journey as I write about, and photograph, all manner of things on this planet.

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