Publishing Tips

Publishing Tips

Publishing tips are abundant and can be found all over the web. Every author is on their own literary journey, and a part of that path is to learn. We all have different skill levels depending on how we’ve developed en route. Here are some of the main publishing tips that I’ve gleaned from the past years of publishing my work.

I’ve split the publishing tips into a series of articles below, highlighting the main topics covered.

Here is also a previous blog post I wrote about my journey – Lessons I’ve learnt from writing my first novel


Part 1 – Get the perfect book cover

"Creating the perfect book cover"


Look around for covers that you like

Find a cover designer, study their published work

Send a synopsis + a few of your thoughts


Part 2 – What route to market

"Publishing Route To market" - Wayne Marinovich Books


Traditional Publishing




Part 3 – Get it read before you publish

"Getting your book read - Wayne Marinovich Books"


Print a small run if you can


ACR (advanced copy readers)



Part 4 – Final steps before publishing

Complete book blurbs and descriptions

Get your own author website with book pages

Decide on the price – stand alone or series

Decide on the online markets and outlets


Part 5 – Publish – Hitting the Button


Soft release (upload to get ACR feedback)

Blog about the release

Social media

Mailing list




Part 6 – Post Publication

"Post-publication matters"Change book front and back matter

Update keywords online

Change price points

Adverts and promos





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