ORANG – Book 2 in the Hudson Drake series

ORANG – Book 2 in the Hudson Drake series

"Orang - Marinovich Books"

“Violence is a necessity nowadays because dialogue and reason have failed.”


Operation Bern will be the most daring one yet. One wrong move and it is life imprisonment.

Hudson Drake, a militant wildlife campaigner, is on a mission to save the species of the declining forests in Indonesia. Rumoured ties to PADOS, an eco-terrorist group, make him a constant target for the world’s intelligence agencies.

Joe Dixon is a corrupt policeman who has a chance to redeem himself. He must turn his back on the past and lead an Interpol team against the rising threat of PADOS. With the possible underlying involvement of South American drug cartels is there more to the investigation than meets the eye? Circumstances force Hudson’s and Joe’s paths to cross. What will the outcome be?


If you want to help orangutans please support Wildlife Asia

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"Five star"Enjoyed this very much, though it made me sad. Makes you want to take action



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