Notes from my Laptop #10

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Since we last chatted.

  • My Writing Process has been made available to all subscribers of my newsletter, and it’s FREE. If any of you have not claimed it yet, I’ll have the download link available again in the next newsletter. New subscribers will automatically get the link emailed to them.
  • Busy with the second print run of CELT at the moment after doing a rework. After four years of being writing, I figured I had learnt enough to tighten it up a little more. So version two should be done in August.
  • Been speaking to various authors to get signed copies of their work to run more giveaways to subscribers. This has proved popular with authors and subscribers alike.

Writing projects

  • The third rework of Kharon (Book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series) is underway before I submit it to my editor for a thorough hammering.
  • Finalising the outline of ORANG, book 2 in the Hudson Drake series. Changing up some of the points of view of some the chapters to different characters.
  • Researching tiger poaching in India for book 3 in the Hudson Drake series.

What am I currently reading.

  • Currently busy with Tipping Point by Simon Rosser. Another Cli-fi author that I have been keen to read. So far so good.

What have I just finished.

  • Just finished The Skull Throne by Peter V Brett. Book 4 in The Demon Cycle. An epic fantasy novel of over 690 pages. 4 out of 5 stars, a little long and waffly in places. Still quality writing though.

Published works and pricing

  • Gibbs – The early years: FREE on all online stores, except Amazon
  • Celt- Published at  $2.99
  • Phoenix – published at $4.99
  • Floodlanders – Published at $0.99
  • Igazi – Published at $2.99
  • My Writing Process – FREE – Click here to get it

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