Floodlanders is listed in ‘The Nevils’ award of 2014


"Floodlanders - A short story - Wayne Marinovich books"


“If the floods don’t get you, the gangs will”

It’s the year 2025. A teenage boy accompanies his father into the Central London Floodzone for the first time. Warren Smith is excited about travelling into this dangerous, unfamiliar world to sell their farm products at a market stall.

Following a Climate Change event which resulted in a three-metre sea-level rise, life in the various Floodzones of the planet is tough and uncompromising, but it has given rise to a hardened breed of humans, known as Floodlanders.

As the brutal tidal surge floods back in, tragedy strikes the Smith family and changes their lives forever.




The Nevils Excitement

When I got an email from Dan Bloom (the man who coined the phrase, cli-fi) notifying me that Floodlanders was on this fabulous list, I was so chuffed and honoured as all hell. Cli-fi is a genre which will hopefully make people more aware, not only about the threats but also about the outcomes of an myriad of climate issues which could change our lives or the lives of our children. The official list will be released for worldwide media pick-up on July 24, 2014


From Dan’s Blog.

Here is the link to Dan’s Blog.

The Nevils are named after Nevil Shute, the author of ON THE BEACH, published in 1957, which had such a large impact on the civilized world via the book and the subsequent movie.

In hopes that cli fi novels, both for adults and in the YA category, can also impact world opinion on the need to find ways to stop climate change and global warming based in scientific consensus and international cooperation, the NEVILS, a nickname for the annual ”NOTED CLI FI NOVELS OF THE YEAR” awards, hope to become a beacon of hope among writers, publishers, editors, readers, scientists, climate activists, media observers, the public and book critics and reviewers worldwide.

This will be an annual list issue every year on July 24th.”


The noted cli fi authors of 2014 are, in no particular order:

Hamish MacDonald, SCOTLAND, ”FINITUDE”
Lisa Devaney, UK, ”InArk”
Claude Nougat, ITALY, ”Forever Young”
Mindy McGinnis, USA, YA ”Not a Drop to Drink”
Paolo Bacigalupi, USA, THE WATER KNIFE, (in progress, release date 2015/2016)
Emmi Itaranti, Finland, THE MEMORY OF WATER
Lloyd Jones, WALES, ”WATER”
Kate Kelly, UK, ”RED ROCK”
NOEL HODSON, UK, ”AD 2516: After Global Warming”
Paulette Jiles, USA, Lighthouse Island
Kat Ross, YA novel, SOME FINE DAY
Sarah Holding, UK, SeaBEAN
Stephan Malone, USA, ”Jia Ting: The RAIDERS Chronicles”
Wayne Marinovich, UK, FLOODLANDERS
Jane Rawson, Australia, ”A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists”
Joshua David Bellin, YA, ”SURVIVAL COLONY 9”
Dr Lenz, Tokyo, TITLES TBA
Nathaniel Rich, USA, ”ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW”, paperback 2014
Chang-rae Lee, USA, ”ON SUCH A FULL SEA”
Edan Lepuki, USA, ”California”, reviewed in WSJ by Sam Sacks, Little Brown publishers
Antti Tuomainen, FINLAND, ”THE HEALER” – cli fi noir
Jim Laughter,  USA, ”POLAR CITY RED”, paperback, Kindle


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