Notes from my laptop #6

Mdina, Malta - Marinovich Books

Mdina, Malta



As the midway point of 2014, disappears in our review mirrors, we find ourselves in September, and that means the end of summer in the UK.

Quite a few things have happened since we last chatted.

  • Finished the first draft of, Kharon, which is book three in the Kyle Gibbs. It was the first novel that I was able to write as a full time project? The others were done in the evenings and on weekends, while I did my IT work. It is amazing how much better the creativity flows over longer spells of writing.
  • Over on Google Plus, I have continued with the “Introducing the…. Photographer and Author” weekly series, to share some of the fantastic talent out there.
  • Spent a few weeks mulling over a Manifesto. A sort of compass which I can turn to when I get distracted or drift off where I want to be with my writing and environmental focus. Look out for some changes to my profiles across all the social media sites. It has really been a great and rewarding experience.
  • Spent a week in Malta with Mrs M doing some travel, wedding and lifestyle photography and taking a well-earned rest from a hectic few months.


Current writing projects

  • Kharon, book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series. – First draft written.
  • Coming up with concepts and outline for my children’s “A boy in Africa” series.
  • Busy on research for an action thriller set against the global wildlife trade – Channelling my inner eco-terrorist.
  • Working on a small PDF about how I get my eBooks to market


Published works and pricing

Gibbs – The early years: FREE on all online stores, except Amazon (I’m not allowed to offer things for free on Amazon, unless, I offer them exclusivity!!).
Celt- Published at  $2.99
Floodlanders – Published at $0.99
Phoenix – published at $3.99






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