Kyle Gibbs Series – Free Chapters

Kyle Gibbs Series – Free Chapters



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Chapter 1

Death, sweat and fear drifted on the stale air.

The short, round figure of Lord Francis Butler gagged a second time as he walked down the old sandstone spiral stairs, the stench of it all causing his body to convulse. Dizziness forced him to stop and grab onto the rope balustrade with one hand, the other hand pushing up against the opposite wall. Passing seven locked doors that lined the dimly lit stone corridor that ran below Carshalton House, he stopped at the last room. Shifting his stance slightly, he felt himself getting aroused at the thought of what awaited him. Pulling at his white long shirt sleeves and readjusting his waistcoat, he walked into the open doorway and stood looking at the figure in the centre of the room.

Bound to a small wooden bench and positioned beneath a single hanging light bulb was the naked Monhinder Singh. The Indian billionaire’s cheeks were stained with tears and blood from the swelling around both his eyes. He trembled violently from cold fear and looked up at Lord Butler with begging eyes, mumbling something through the mouth gag.

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"Free chapters for Phoenix - Marinovich Books"

Chapter 1

Sweat dripped from the leader’s face as he looked back to the range of mountains behind them. The chasing group were hidden from his gaze.

‘Run, brothers!’

The group of men wound their way in single file along the grassless and barren shores of Lake Turkana. Running in a northerly direction, they followed an old path that had been used by fishermen and herders for generations. Their pace was at a steady lope, like the jackal that once roamed the grasslands. There was a determined urgency in the men’s gait. Each man focused on the sandaled heels of his comrade in front of him, all of them following the lead of the tall, dreadlocked man who ran up front. The heavy and tattered backpacks they all carried swayed rhythmically in time with each footfall on the dusty red ground. Machine guns, pistols, axes and their trademark machetes added to their burden.

The leader glanced behind them again, scanning the mountainous horizon for any signs of movement.

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"Free chapters for Kharon - Marinovich book"

Chapter 1


Greenock Quay, Glasgow area, Scotland – 2033

Woolf Egger wiped his wet face with his left hand and looked up at the towering black hull of the ship. He was dressed in his favourite long coat which helped against the curtains of rain that gusted across the wide, glistening concrete quayside.

The converted container ship that had berthed earlier that afternoon had stood in ghostly silence up until then. A metallic clank echoed across to him as a heavy door opened in the hull, light streaming outwards. Woolf walked over to the long silver gangplank that protruded from midway up the Queen of Sheba. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he took a long draw on the cigarette he had been shielding in his right palm. The smoky warmth filled his lungs before he flicked the cigarette butt against the side of the hull, watching the red embers fall into the water and fizzle out. It was only five o’clock on a winter’s afternoon, and it was pitch dark.

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"Anhur Free Chapters - Kyle Gibbs Series"

Chapter 1

South Eutaw Street, Baltimore, Maryland – 2043.


‘I saw what you did to that man, Bounty Hunter. How can you be sure the target he identified is still in the building? Tortured men will tell you anything to make the pain stop.’

Elijah Jones tightened the grip on the Glock17, shifting a little as he knelt at the corner of Eutaw Street. The African American looked across to the boarded building that was once the Sports Legend Museum. The red brick of the long building stood shrouded in shadow against the blue sky background and the brown dust road that ran in front of it. White window frames now laced with brown and green mould hinted at decades of disuse. The three-tiered central tower stood high over the boarded-up main entrance and once had four clock faces on the main points of the compass. The timepieces had long since been scavenged and sold on. Sweat dripped from his bald head and down his temples. The brown cotton shirt below his military webbing was soaked through, and he wiped the beads of salt from his brow with his gun hand. The heat was bearable in Maryland. The man kneeling behind him was not.

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"Janus - The Kyle Gibbs Series"

Chapter 1


Brookfield Place. Battery Park City, Manhattan, NYC – 2044


The noise of rapid footfalls made him freeze.

Glancing over his shoulder, Elijah Jones looked through the gap in the half-opened door and out into the corridor. Light streamed into his darkened office that was only lit by the yellow-bulb lamp on his desk. Waiting a few seconds, he caught a glimpse of a woman in military fatigues hurrying past. He recognised her by her black ponytail. One of his admin staff. Taking a deep breath, he faced the green wall safe again. Running his thumb over the side edge of the metal door, he felt sharp, twisted gouges in the metal.

Someone had tried to force the door. His heart raced as he took a step back and looked at the meter-square front steel door, which was mounted at head height within the mahogany bookcase.

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