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"The Kyle Gibbs Series - Wayne Marinovich Books"

Book 1 in the Gibbs series

"Celt - The journey of Kyle Gibbs by Wayne Marinovich"


The race for the last of the planet’s resources has begun

With the increasing threat of a major climate change event looming, a group of billionaire businessmen, chaired by the menacing Lord Francis Butler, are doing all in their power to control the earth’s remaining resources by influencing global governments. Could the secretive group of billionaires, preserve the last remaining resources on the planet, or are their motives more sinister?

Growing up in a small Scottish village and raised by an abusive father, Kyle Gibbs, quickly developed a tough and uncompromising outlook on life. Running away from home, he joined the armed forces, eventually making it into the SAS, where he fought in various wars across the globe, all the while, struggling to keep his demons at bay.

Will Gibbs join these visionaries and help them to pursue their relentless obsession, despite the risks? Could joining them contribute to his own downfall?


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