The Electric by Andrew D. Barker, a short review

"The Electric - reviewed by Wayne Marinovich"
The Electric

Most of you know of my love of action adventures and violent thrillers. I love reading them and I am really enjoying writing them. So when I met Andrew last year, on a photo shoot with his lovely wife, I learnt of his love of movies and all things that go bump in the night, and also, that he was a fellow author working on his first novel.

It was then, over a beer in Paris, that I learnt of his real passion and interest in the movie business and so it was no surprise that “The Electric” has a strong movie theme, with ghosts from the silver screen, underlying his knowledge and love of the topic.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was the great story surrounding three teenagers (the main characters) who visit and experience an old abandoned movie theatre in the woods.

It is a story of ghostly nostalgia which brought back great memories of my childhood, along with all the angst of having teenage crushes, exploring urban decaying buildings, and wondering what I should do with my life. The novel is perfectly paced, keeps you engaged with the characters who grow as the story develops and has a wonderful and apt ending.

I highly recommend this book for a great read.  The electric on Amazon.

Also, a big congrats to Andrew on signing a book deal for “The Electric”.  Click for the Boo Books press release.

Some of Andrews details:      Twitter   Facebook   Goodreads    Blog




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