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Notes from my laptop #2

Hello all. I just got back from a cold grey week in Scotland, where I was trying to photograph a variety of smaller species of birds and mammals which call the Cairngorms home. On one of the days I had a great hike up into the snow to chase Mountain hare and I am busy […]

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Writing Blogs I follow

We all learn, understand and absorb lessons in different ways. That’s what teachers have always told us and from an early age, I realised I only absorbed information by reading, analysing and then trying to perform an example. I never grasped things when others told me what to do or how to do things (sorry […]

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WildArt – Now available for the iPad.

I am excited to announce the release of my first ebook, which is now available for the Apple iPad. It can be viewed and purchased at the following link: WildArt.   WildArt – A Lower Perspective is a simple tribute to the wonderful wildlife I have been fortunate enough to photograph since making the shift from […]

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Don’t be sentimental about your art.

On Saturday morning as I sat down to write with my usual strong cup of coffee and went through my usual writing rituals and superstitions, I felt great. No, I felt inspired. My muse had arrived early and the writing flowed. Words appeared faster than my digits could exorcise them onto the laptop. Concepts and […]

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The Clash of Antlers – a very short tale.

The silence as the mist enveloped me was unnerving. Thin slivers of sunlight tried valiantly to burn through the grey gloom around me. It was a black and white day. Icy condensation formed on the back of the camera as my breath quickened. I could see the shadowy form approaching. His roar echoed out ahead of […]

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