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Cover Reveal – My Writing Process booklet

I am so excited to announce that the 26-page booklet, detailing my writing process, is finally complete and here is the cover that my talented designer, Stuart Polson produced for me. Stuart does all my book covers, and once again has outdone himself after I asked him for something completely different to all my fiction covers So, […]

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Notes from my laptop #4

  As we hurtle through spring and into the UK summer months, hopes turn to the launch of my second novel in a month. I have been busy with this one for a long time (4 years) and hope that it lives up to the standards set by CELT. The Kyle Gibbs character, is developing nicely […]

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Writing Blogs I follow

We all learn, understand and absorb lessons in different ways. That’s what teachers have always told us and from an early age, I realised I only absorbed information by reading, analysing and then trying to perform an example. I never grasped things when others told me what to do or how to do things (sorry […]

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So, which of the great classic books, have you still to read?

  As the picture suggests, I read many of the Twain classics as a boy, and this is actually a photo of the cover of one of my most treasured books. It was given to me by my uncle, who fostered my love of reading, by constantly adding to my collection of books In a […]

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WildArt – Now available for the iPad.

I am excited to announce the release of my first ebook, which is now available for the Apple iPad. It can be viewed and purchased at the following link: WildArt.   WildArt – A Lower Perspective is a simple tribute to the wonderful wildlife I have been fortunate enough to photograph since making the shift from […]

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