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With the meteoric rise of social media, smartphone applications and mobile technology, it is easy to believe that the lowly email is a thing of the past. In a world where we have everything at our fingertips and are constantly consumed by battery life and Wi-Fi access, most marketers predicted email would simply disappear. How wrong they have proven to be. I value my email list more than all the contacts on my social media sites

For an author, it is still one of your best tools to communicate with your friends and fans. Your email list is your covenant with your reader, the one to one interaction which both parties agree to. I realised this with the release of Phoenix in July 2014.

Whilst sitting in an old London pub with Andrew D Barker, author of the sublime, “The Electric”, he told me that he hadn’t realised I had launched another novel. All the Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Google+ posts and promotions I had done, totally slipped through his feeds and streams without him even noticing. He only knew about it once he had received my newsletter.

Here are some of the main reasons why I would love you to subscribe to my weekly email.

  • Book release statuses – Get updates about new book releases
  • Upcoming writing projects – be the first to know of any new written works that are in the pipeline
  • Book reviews and recommendations – As an author, I do read a lot, so you will be the first to hear my recommendations of books I have recently read.
  • First glimpse of promotions and FREE goodies.
    • Free chapters
    • Signed book giveaways
    • Wildlife and landscape print giveaways.
  • Beta-readers and ARC – become a beta-reader or do reviews in return for Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) – P.S it’s an easy way to get your hands on free books.
  • Travel – News and trip reports as I jet about the planet.
  • Photography – Share a weekly photo of wildlife, landscape, travel and street photography that I have taken. I will also occasionally post links articles on my Wildlife Photography page
  • New authors and photographers – as part of my “Introducing the…” series, I will to introduce great photographers and authors to you, people I respect and follow.
  • Climate, conservation and environment – I want to help raise awareness and share content about various issues that befall our planet. Here, I will be brutal and won’t shield you from the horrors which humans inflict on this rock we call home. I will also share great compassionate work that many individuals are doing

I would love you to join me on the journey as I write about, and photograph, all manner of things on this planet.




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