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"My Writing Process - Wayne Marinovich Books"

Are you harbouring a desire to finally write that bucket-list novel? Do you already have a published paperback that you want to convert to an eBook and sell online?

Every writer’s journey is different. Every Path to publishing your painstaking work is both hard but enjoyable work. It is said that you cannot learn from other people’s knowledge, and while this may be true, we can all benefit from advice and experience.

My Writing Process is a 26-page booklet (PDF format) which takes you through my process of self-publishing an eBook. From the idea or concept of your novel through to the actual publishing of the finished product (there is also a small section on doing a print run if you chose to do that).

There will no doubt be some nervousness about how to approach publishing your digital eBook. In this booklet, I give you as many tips and hints as I can, in the hope that it shows you that it is not such a daunting challenge to get your book in the online stores.

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Here are all the areas which I cover, including a few lists of my suppliers, “how to” books that I have read, and lessons learned section.

Topics Covered in the booklet:


Capturing and researching ideas

The one-page synopsis and the premise

Work out a rough outline

Character names and their CV’s

Create a stepsheet / Chapter Outline

Working on you multiple drafts

The external Editor

The design of your cover and working with your designer

Last few manuscript reworks

Print bound manuscripts

Working with Beta readers

Front and back matter

Getting it proofread

Complete Blurbs and descriptions.

Create Webpage for the book

Formatting your manuscript

Decide on Sales price

The print run

Advanced reader copies

Publishing on Smashwords

Blog and promote on social media.

Publishing on Amazon

Post publishing changes
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