Gibbs – The Early Years – a short story

With the writing of the Kyle Gibbs series and the publishing of my first novel, came ideas and story lines which never made it past the editors cut. Celt, starts with Kyle Gibbs, being a serving member of the SAS and then develops from there, but I was personally always intrigued by his childhood.

Part of the process of writing my novels, is that once I have the basic outline of what I want the story to convey, I then do my character bio’s or CV’s.  I do this to help get a better understanding of the characters, which make it easier when I need to slip into his or her shoes (viewpoint). It really makes things slicker from a writing perspective.

I wanted to share a particularly tough period in Kyle Gibbs’s life, and so, “Gibbs – the early years” came about. I guess it can also be called a prequel to Celt, although the story lines are different. As with all my books, there is a dedicated page which will have all the online stores listed. Click here to view.

Hope you like it.


"Gibbs - the early years - Action thriller - Marinovich Books





After countless beatings at the hands of his alcoholic father, Kyle Gibbs had a decision to make. Suck it up and deal with the challenges life was forcing him to endure, or run away and forge a new life.

Could the fourteen year old continue to cope with the ongoing violence in his life, or would he simply become a casualty of it in the end? Would he fulfil his dream of getting away from the small fishing village of Stonehaven, Scotland, to finally have a normal life?

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