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The Taiji cove dolphin slaughter – the reason I wrote IGAZI

    Most of the people in my immediate social and familial circle had never heard of The Cove up until a few years ago and I assume it is still the same for most people on the planet. Even as a wildlife photographer with all the researching of species and locations that I did, […]

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Gibbs: The Early Years is now perma-free

The prequel to the Kyle Gibbs series On the back of some really great promotions that I have run across several short story websites, I have decided to make Gibbs permanently free. Perma-free books are a way for me to thank you all for your support and it also gives those of you who haven’t read […]

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Climate Change – the reason I wrote the Kyle Gibbs series

    Back in 2007, I started thinking about writing a non-fiction book covering the science and possible effects of climate change on our planet, and I wanted to focus on the effect that man was having on it. As time progressed, and the pile of research documents grew ever larger, I began to understand […]

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Happy Easter Book Lovers

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you have a wonderful family day, filled with chocolate and great laughs. As you sit, rubbing your aching belly and wishing a few of the easter eggs had been found by someone else. Why not consider getting a cup of tea or coffee, and relaxing on the couch, with a good […]

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